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It’s been awhile, I know. Seriously, I think it’s been almost two years since I last released a book. Strange how time goes by so fast. Well, I’m happy to report that I finally have a new book out and it will be released Jan 8th 2018!!!

The Wrong Cowboy is the fourth book In The Heart of Texas contemporary romance, small-town series. I’m pretty excited about this book for a few reasons. First, it’s always nice to go back and visit characters from previous books. The Wrong Cowboy is Tatum and Savannah’s story, and if you’ve read The Blackhearted Cowboy you’ll remember that Tatum is Chandler’s twin brother. So, Chandler does make an appearance in the book and there’s mentions of the other Sloan family members as well.

Second, there may not be another book in this series for awhile. I don’t have any new books planned for In The Heart of Texas, but I promise you I have some other cool projects in the works.

I know that if you like my somewhat gritty and realistic small town romances, you’ll love The Wrong Cowboy.

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy my latest love letter to the world. 🙂

KC Klein

The Wrong Cowboy



Savannah, trucking company heiress, has learned the hard way that men with money always make the rules… and she’s sick of losing. Now, with everything she loves on the line, she’ll do anything to keep her business and family home afloat, even if it means marrying the wrong Sloan.

Tatum Sloan ruined his chances with Savannah the day he pretended to be his twin brother and spent one incredible night with her. The black sheep of the family, Tatum’s never cared about anything or anyone enough to fight for it… until Savannah. Now, unable to deny their connection, he’s determined to prove it’s him—not his wealthy brother—who’s the right cowboy for her.


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