A Deleted Scene from Dark Future

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The other day I was lying in bed and thinking of the millions of things I needed to do in order to get ready for my latest book launch, Hustlin’ Texas. My agent mentioned that posting deleted or additional scenes was a good way to create some buzz.

Well, she was right, except I don’t have a deleted scene for Hustlin’ Texas, but I do have one for my debut release, Dark Future. Back when Dark Future was in its infancy, I created a prologue that I thought embraced the dark and intense emotion of the whole book. When the book sold the editor asked that the prologue be cut. She said that the first few chapters were strong enough to stand on their own. She was right. In general, prologues are a way for us writers to cram in any information the reader might need to know before going further in the book. There are a few exceptions, but mostly they are a cheap and easy way for authors to cut some corners. That being said, I still liked the prologue. So here it is in all its glory–the first time ever released to the public–the prologue, more of a preface really, to Dark Future. Enjoy, and please tell me what you think. Should it have stayed or was it better that it got cut?

Dark Future Series, KC Klein, Time Travel Romance, ConRad Smith, Kris Davenport

Fingers tremble as I hold paper to pen. I grasp one hand with the other, needing strength from both to inscribe the words. The pen slips, paper tears.


I begin again.


Did Hitler, Castro, Stalin, have as much trepidation as they signed the death warrants for thousands of lives? I wonder when the number reaches a million if the horror increases or levels off.


What about five billion?


With such a dark future ahead, words fail me. So I quote from the book that has warned about Armageddon from the beginning.


“And look a pale horse; and the one seated upon had the name of Death. And Hades was closely following him…to kill with a long sword and with food shortages and with deadly plaques and by the wild beasts of the earth.” -Revelation 6:8.


Ahh and the wild beasts…so many by the beasts.


“And in those days the men will seek death; but will by no means find it, and they will desire to die but death keeps fleeing from them.” -Revelation 9:6.


Committing the words to paper seal their fates. And that of my own.


So in one united moment I become the “One”…and the Pale Horseman.





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