The people have spoken! Could romance readers do the same?

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This article, The People Have Spoken!, got me thinking. In fact, it is completely fascinating to me. I love the idea of a journalist taking a poll on what his readers want his next story to be about. So…here is my idea. What if romance writers did this, specifically what if I did this? What if I polled romance readers and asked what they thought my next book should be about and then… (OMG) actually write it?

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Am I up for the challenge? It would be way cool to see what stories readers really want to read about, but just as equally the prospect is terrifying. Has an author done this before? Could a author commit to spending a better part of a year on a book that wasn’t their idea in the first place? That maybe they are not drawn to write? What do you guys think? Do readers want this type of voice in what their favorite author writes? If you are a writer, would you do it?



2 responses to “The people have spoken! Could romance readers do the same?

  1. This is a very interesting idea. I’m not sure if I would do it. I don’t think I would mind that I didn’t have the idea in the first place, as long as it was an idea I really liked. But I would probably feel so much pressure and would be constantly second guessing myself, wondering if they were going to like the finished project. 🙂

    • kckleinbooks

      I hear you Maura. I think it might be difficult to write a project that you don’t LOVE. I had heard of an author who did this. She asked her fans what type of book they wanted to read, they told her, and then she wrote it. I don’t remember exactly what the idea was, but it was in the paranormal romance genre. It might be fun…if you were up for a challenge. Thanks for commenting. Glad you found me. 🙂

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