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Writing Process Blog Tour


Hello Lovely Readers,

Welcome to the continuing Writing Process Blog Tour where each author answers the same four questions about their writing process. My many thanks goes to Jodi Vaughn who invited me on the tour.

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So let’s begin:

What am I working on?

Right now, I am working on the most enjoyable book I’ve ever had the pleasure to write. For some reason this book has come easier to me than any other book, and I think it shows up by the humorous and fun way the characters interact with each other. The working title is The Space Captain’s Courtesan, but that’s subject to change. Here is the very, very rough book blurb.


The Space Captain’s Courtesan

Princess Mia, youngest daughter of the Omega Centauri King, barely escapes the palace after overhearing that her brother, Prince Sar, is plotting to kidnap and sell her into slavery. Mia’s only option is to escape to one of the less inhabited Outer Planets, but becoming a stowaway on an OuterSolar flight is a lot harder for a girl who’s been raised behind ivory walls. So now she’s stuck hiding out on the Bates Space Station, stealing into unsuspecting travelers’ rooms for food and lodging while they recover from the after-effects of Deep Stasis.

Captain Jax Roux is a wanted man by the Omega Centauri Galaxy for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the run, hiding out on the shady Outer Planets and frequenting the less-than-reputable Space Stations. So when he wakes up to find the courtesan he’d paid for is not only lovely, but already in his bed, he thinks it’s about time things start going his way.

Little does Princess Mia know that the handsome man whose dinner she’d been woofing down is none other than Captain Jax Roux, the ex-Commander, and at one time her father’s personal body guard. Princess Mia is in trouble and who better to help her than the man she’s been desperately in love with since she was just a child? The only problem is a wanted man may not appreciate having the entire Royal Guard hot on her trail so what better way to keep things on the down-low than to make Jax believe that she is nothing more than a Space Captain’s Courtesan?

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write in two different genres, western contemporary romance and space-opera/sci-fi romance. While, a person would be hard pressed to find two more different genres, I feel that writing both enables me to bring something unique to each one. For instance, my contemporaries, while about hot cowboys and Texas horse ranches, have often been described as gritty and intense. Not something contemporaries are usually known for. On the other hand, my sci-fi’s have a bit of snarky humor not normally found in the darker genre. I find writing in multiple genres helps combat burn out and keeps my writing fresh.

Why do I write what I do?

Like most authors, writing is something that I was drawn to from an early age. And like most authors, I find myself writing about reoccurring themes that are important to me. The themes about love and hope, trust and betrayal, sacrifice and redemption seem to find their way into all of my stories.  For me, exploring the most tragic and yet, at the same time the most courageous, parts of the human heart has always been fascinating.

 How does your writing process work?

Ahh, the dreaded writing process. What I’ve learned is that I haven’t yet written any one of my books in the exact same way. My first two books I wrote long hand, my two novellas were written all on the computer. One of my books I’ve started over twice, wrote over 90k and still feel like I’ve no idea if the idea will even make it into a full blown story. My most recent book, The Space Captain’s Courtesan, was rough drafted in little over a month and all done on an AlphaSmart.

My process depends on the book and where I am in my life, but the most important piece, and the one that never changes, is the need to put in the time. A book doesn’t get written on wishful thinking and hope. It gets written by the sweat of your brow and the burning ache in your gut.

Thank you for stopping by, and I would love to hear about your writing process in your comments below.

Be sure to stop by next week for when some new authors dish about their writing processes.


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